Top 7 Zodiac Signs prolonged state of sadness

Written By: Sweety

Impulsive Aries often struggles with impatience and frustration, leading to a lingering sense of unfulfilled desires.


Taurus's stubborn nature can trap them in cycles of stagnation, causing persistent feelings of dissatisfaction and longing.


Gemini's dual nature creates inner conflicts and uncertainties, contributing to prolonged bouts of emotional turbulence.


Sensitive Cancer's deep empathy can lead to absorbing the sadness of others, resulting in prolonged emotional heaviness.


Leo's desire for validation and admiration may leave them feeling empty when expectations aren't met, prolonging their sadness.


Virgo's perfectionism often leads to self-criticism and a constant sense of inadequacy, fueling their enduring sadness.


Libra's fear of conflict and indecisiveness can trap them in situations that perpetuate their sadness, seeking harmony at any cost.


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