Top 7 Zodiac Signs Drunk Texts

Written By: Sweety

Impulsive Aries may find themselves hitting send after a few drinks, unable to resist the urge to reach out to their exes.


Stubborn Taurus, known for their persistence, might drunk text their exes as a way to seek closure or reignite past flames.


Curious Gemini, prone to overthinking, may find themselves texting their exes late at night, driven by nostalgia or unresolved feelings.


Sensitive Cancer, guided by their emotions, might drunk text their exes when feeling lonely or seeking comfort from the past.


Dramatic Leo, craving attention, may send bold messages to their exes after a few drinks, seeking validation or stirring up emotions.


Analytical Virgo, despite their usually cautious nature, may impulsively reach out to their exes when feeling vulnerable or nostalgic.


Harmony-seeking Libra, fearing confrontation, may resort to drunk texting their exes as a way to avoid conflict or mend past rifts.


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