Top 7 Zodiac Signs are Bad at breaking Hearts

Written By: Sweety

Cancers find it difficult to break hearts due to their empathetic nature, often prioritizing others' feelings over their own.


Libras struggle with confrontation and may avoid breaking hearts, preferring to maintain harmony and peace in relationships.


Pisceans, sensitive and compassionate, have a hard time causing pain and may delay or avoid breaking hearts altogether.


Taureans, loyal and steady, may struggle to end relationships, clinging to familiarity and fearing change.


Virgos, practical and analytical, may find it challenging to break hearts due to overthinking and wanting to avoid conflict.


Sagittarians, freedom-loving and optimistic, may delay breaking hearts, hoping things will improve on their own.


Aquarians, independent and rebellious, may have difficulty breaking hearts, valuing their freedom and fearing emotional entanglement.


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