Top 7 Tricks to Impress with your Clever Collie

Written By: Anushka

Teach your Collie to roll over on command, impressing onlookers with their agility and coordination.

Roll Over

Master the classic game of fetch with your Collie, showcasing their ability to retrieve objects with precision.


Train your Collie to bark on cue, demonstrating their communication skills and understanding of verbal commands.


Encourage your Collie to give a high five, showcasing their dexterity and willingness to interact with humans.

High Five

Teach your Collie to spin in a circle, demonstrating their gracefulness and ability to perform complex movements.


Impress your audience by teaching your Collie to play dead on command, showcasing their obedience and intelligence.

Play Dead

Challenge your Collie's agility by teaching them to weave through poles, demonstrating their athleticism and focus.

Weave Poles

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