Top 7 Tips for Preventing Dog Ear Infections

Written By: Anushka

Clean your dog's ears regularly with a veterinarian-approved ear cleaning solution to remove dirt and prevent buildup.

Regular Cleaning

Keep your dog's ears dry after baths or swimming by gently drying them with a clean towel to prevent moisture-related infections.

Dry Ears

Regularly trim excess hair around your dog's ears to prevent it from trapping moisture and debris, reducing the risk of infections.

Trim Hair

Keep your dog away from potential irritants like pollen, dust, and cigarette smoke, which can contribute to ear infections.

Avoid Irritants

Keep an eye out for signs of ear discomfort such as scratching, head shaking, or foul odor, and consult your vet if you suspect an infection.

Monitor Behavior

Check your dog's diet is balanced and rich in essential nutrients to support overall health, including immune function to help prevent infections.

Proper Diet

Schedule regular veterinary checkups to have your dog's ears examined and cleaned professionally, catching any potential issues early on.

Vet Checkups

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