Top 7 Exercise Tips for Energetic English Springer Spaniels

Written By: Anushka

Engage your English Springer Spaniel in various activities like fetching, hiking, and agility training to fulfill their high energy needs.  


Maintain a consistent exercise routine for your English Springer Spaniel to promote physical fitness and mental stimulation.  


Incorporate regular play sessions into your Spaniel's day to keep them entertained and prevent boredom-induced behaviors.  


Encourage socialization with other dogs during exercise to fulfill your English Springer Spaniel's natural desire for companionship.  


Provide mentally stimulating activities like puzzle toys and scent games to keep your Spaniel's mind engaged and prevent boredom.  

Mental Stimulation

Take advantage of your Spaniel's natural affinity for water by incorporating swimming sessions into their exercise routine for a low-impact workout.  


Check your English Springer Spaniel gets adequate rest and recovery time between exercise sessions to prevent overexertion and injuries.  


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