Top 7 Cat Breeds That Get Along Well with Dogs

Written By: Anushka

Ragdoll cats are known for their gentle nature and adaptability, making them excellent companions for dogs of all sizes and temperaments.


Maine Coon cats are friendly and sociable, often forming strong bonds with dogs. Their easygoing demeanor makes them ideal for multi-pet households.

Maine Coon

Abyssinian cats are playful and outgoing, often enjoying the company of dogs. Their energetic nature matches well with active canine companions.


British Shorthair cats are calm and laid-back, making them compatible with dogs who prefer a more relaxed environment. They typically get along well with gentle-natured dogs.

British Shorthair

Siberian cats are known for their friendly and sociable personalities. They are often tolerant of dogs and can form strong bonds with them, especially with proper introductions.


Scottish Fold cats are known for their sweet and affectionate nature. They can adapt well to living with dogs, particularly those who are calm and non-aggressive.

Scottish Fold

Siamese cats are intelligent and outgoing, often enjoying the company of dogs. With proper introductions and socialization, they can form close bonds with canine companions.


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