Exercise Routines for Active Australian Shepherds

Written By: Anushka

Incorporate running into your Australian Shepherd's routine. Their high energy levels make them excellent running partners, whether on trails or in the neighborhood.


Engage your Australian Shepherd's natural herding instincts with a game of fetch. Use balls or frisbees to keep them active and mentally stimulated.


Take your Australian Shepherd on adventurous hikes to satisfy their need for expedition. Choose trails with varied terrain to challenge them physically.


Agility training is ideal for Australian Shepherds' agility and intelligence. Set up agility courses with obstacles like tunnels, jumps, and weave poles for a fun workout.


Australian Shepherds often enjoy swimming, making it a fantastic low-impact exercise. Take them to a nearby lake or pool to cool off and strengthen their muscles.


Keep your Australian Shepherd mentally sharp by incorporating puzzle toys and interactive games into their exercise routine. This challenges their problem-solving skills.

Mental Stimulation

Cycling with your Australian Shepherd can provide both physical and mental stimulation. Start with short rides and gradually increase the distance as they build endurance.


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