7 Tips for Providing Enrichment for Senior Cats

Written By: Anushka

Make sure your senior cat has comfortable resting spots, cozy bedding, and easy access to food, water, and litter boxes.


Engage your senior cat with interactive toys designed to stimulate their senses and encourage physical activity.

Interactive Toys

Utilize puzzle feeders to provide mental stimulation and slow down mealtime, promoting cognitive health and reducing boredom.

Puzzle Feeders

Install elevated perches or shelves near windows to allow your senior cat to observe their surroundings and bask in sunlight.

Elevated Perches

Schedule regular play sessions with your senior cat to keep them active, maintain muscle tone, and strengthen the bond between you.

Regular PlaytimeHeading

Offer gentle grooming sessions to help your senior cat stay clean, comfortable, and free from mats or tangles in their fur.

Gentle Grooming

Regular veterinary check-ups are essential for senior cats to monitor their health, address any age-related issues, and check overall well-being.

Veterinary Check-ups

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