7 Agility Exercises for Athletic Belgian Malinois

Written By: Anushka

Engage your Belgian Malinois in a variety of agility drills, enhancing their strength, speed, and coordination.


Train your Malinois to leap over hurdles, improving their vertical agility and cardiovascular health.


Teach your Malinois to weave through poles, honing their agility and mental focus with this challenging exercise.


Guide your Malinois through tunnels, fostering their confidence and spatial awareness while strengthening their muscles.


Practice balance exercises with your Malinois, such as walking across narrow beams, to enhance their stability and core strength.


Incorporate sprinting drills into your Malinois' routine to boost their acceleration and overall agility on the field.


Set up an agility course for your Malinois, combining various exercises to keep them engaged and continually improving.

Agility Course

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